The Best Startup Opportunities in Uzbekistan


As an experienced journalist specializing in start-ups, I am excited to bring to you the vibrant start-up scene in Uzbekistan. The country’s dynamic start-up ecosystem, coupled with the government’s initiatives to support entrepreneurship, has made it an attractive destination for start-ups from all over the world.

With a population of over 34 million and favorable market conditions, Uzbekistan offers promising opportunities for innovation and growth.

The start-up landscape in Uzbekistan is characterized by a growing number of entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations pushing for innovation and entrepreneurship. The culture of innovation, combined with the abundance of untapped sectors, makes Uzbekistan’s start-up scene one of the most dynamic in the region.

In this section, we will explore the dynamic start-up scene in Uzbekistan, highlighting the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. We will delve into the growth potential of the country and the ecosystem that supports start-ups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uzbekistan’s start-up ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, with a growing number of entrepreneurs and support organizations.
  • The culture of innovation and abundance of untapped sectors make Uzbekistan an attractive destination for start-ups.
  • The government initiatives to support entrepreneurship have contributed to the growth potential of the start-up scene in Uzbekistan.
  • The country’s favorable market conditions and large population offer promising opportunities for start-ups.
  • Uzbekistan’s start-up scene is one of the most dynamic in the region.

Emerging Industries in Uzbekistan

In recent years, Uzbekistan has seen impressive growth in its start-up ecosystem, with numerous emerging industries presenting exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. In this section, we will explore some of the most promising industries for start-ups in Uzbekistan.


With a young, tech-savvy population and a government that is actively promoting the development of the ICT sector, Uzbekistan is well-positioned for growth in the technology industry. Start-ups in this sector can take advantage of the country’s low labor costs and increasingly favorable business climate to develop innovative products and services.


As a country with a vast agricultural sector, Uzbekistan presents numerous opportunities for start-ups looking to innovate in this field. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and increasing demand for high-quality, locally-sourced produce, start-ups in this sector can find success in areas such as precision farming, organic agriculture, and food processing.


Uzbekistan’s rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and natural beauty make it an attractive destination for tourists from around the world. Start-ups in the tourism industry can take advantage of this growing market by offering unique and innovative travel experiences, such as adventure tours, culinary experiences, and cultural immersion programs.

Overall, Uzbekistan’s emerging industries offer a wealth of opportunities for start-ups looking to innovate and grow. Whether in technology, agriculture, tourism, or other sectors, the country’s dynamic start-up scene is sure to continue its impressive growth in the years to come.

Government Support for Start-ups in Uzbekistan

As Uzbekistan’s start-up scene continues to thrive, the government has implemented various measures to support and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

One key form of government support is the provision of incentives to start-ups. For example, start-ups that operate in priority sectors such as information technology, tourism, and agriculture are eligible for tax breaks and other financial incentives.

The government has also established several funds to provide funding opportunities for start-ups. The Innovation Fund, for instance, is a government-backed fund that provides financial and technical support to start-ups in the technology sector. Other funds, such as the Fund for Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship, are aimed at providing support specifically to female entrepreneurs.

In addition to financial incentives and funding opportunities, the government has launched several initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship in the country. For example, the start-up support center, “Ishbilarmon Ayol” (“Enterprising Woman”), provides training and mentorship to female entrepreneurs.

The government has also established legal frameworks to support start-ups. In 2019, a new law was passed to simplify the registration process for start-ups and provide greater flexibility in legal structures. This has made it easier for start-ups to operate in Uzbekistan.

Overall, the government in Uzbekistan has demonstrated a commitment to supporting and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. With a range of incentives, funding opportunities, and initiatives in place, the start-up ecosystem in Uzbekistan is well-supported and poised for growth.

Success Stories: Uzbekistan’s Promising Start-ups

As Uzbekistan’s start-up scene continues to grow and attract attention from investors and entrepreneurs alike, a number of notable companies have emerged, each with their own unique success stories and achievements.

One such start-up is Chocofood, an online food delivery platform that has rapidly expanded across Uzbekistan since its launch in 2016. With a focus on providing a fast and reliable service, Chocofood has quickly become a household name, with over 3,000 restaurants now available to order from through their platform. Their success has led to a recent partnership with Yandex, one of Russia’s leading technology companies, and plans to expand further in the coming years.

WICAR is another success story, founded in 2018 to provide on-demand car washing and detailing services. With a mobile app that allows customers to easily schedule and pay for services, WICAR has quickly gained a loyal following and expanded to several cities across Uzbekistan. In 2020, they were recognized as one of the top start-ups in Central Asia, receiving an award from the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Company Industry Achievements
Chocofood Food delivery Expanded to over 3,000 restaurants, partnership with Yandex
WICAR Car washing and detailing Recognized as one of the top start-ups in Central Asia by World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Humo Financial technology Raised over $5 million in funding, named “Best Fintech Start-up” at Central Asian Startup Awards

In the financial technology sector, Humo has emerged as a leading start-up, providing a range of digital banking services to customers across Uzbekistan. Since its founding in 2019, Humo has raised over $5 million in funding and was named “Best Fintech Start-up” at the Central Asian Startup Awards in 2020.

These success stories are just a few examples of the innovative and dynamic companies emerging from Uzbekistan’s start-up ecosystem. With a supportive government, a growing economy, and a talented pool of entrepreneurs, the potential for even more notable start-ups and achievements is truly exciting.

Challenges and Opportunities for Start-ups in Uzbekistan

Starting a business in Uzbekistan presents both challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Here, we will explore some of the key factors start-ups must consider when entering the market.

Market Entry

One of the primary challenges for start-ups in Uzbekistan is entering the market. The country’s regulatory framework can be complex and time-consuming, making it difficult for new businesses to establish themselves. Additionally, there may be cultural considerations to take into account when entering the market.

However, the country’s dynamic start-up scene also presents exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. With a growing demand for innovative products and services, there is a wealth of untapped potential in Uzbekistan.

Regulatory Framework

Understanding Uzbekistan’s regulatory framework is essential for start-ups looking to enter the market. The country has made significant progress in recent years in terms of creating a more business-friendly environment. The government has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at streamlining the process of starting a business, including the introduction of online registration.

However, there is still work to be done in terms of creating a more transparent and predictable regulatory framework. Start-ups must navigate a complex web of regulations and bureaucracy to operate in the country.


Despite the challenges, there are significant opportunities for start-ups in Uzbekistan. The country is home to a fast-growing middle class with increasing consumer demand for innovative products and services.

Additionally, there is significant potential for start-ups in sectors such as agriculture and tourism. Uzbekistan has a rich cultural heritage and a diverse landscape, offering opportunities to create unique tourism experiences.


Entering the start-up scene in Uzbekistan can be daunting, but with the right approach, it can also be highly rewarding. The country’s dynamic ecosystem and growing demand for innovative products and services make it an exciting market for entrepreneurs. By understanding the regulatory framework and cultural considerations, start-ups can position themselves for success in this vibrant market.


In conclusion, Uzbekistan’s start-up scene is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that presents exciting opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. From emerging industries such as technology, agriculture, and tourism to the government’s support through incentives and funding opportunities, the country has the potential to become a hub for start-ups in the region.

As showcased by the success stories of notable start-ups, Uzbekistan proves to be a promising market for entrepreneurs to thrive in. However, it is not without its challenges, including market entry barriers and a regulatory framework that needs improvement.

Despite these challenges, the potential for growth and the support available make Uzbekistan an attractive destination for start-ups to consider. As the government continues to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, the country is set to become a leading player in the region’s start-up landscape.


What is the startup scene like in Uzbekistan?

The startup scene in Uzbekistan is vibrant and dynamic, offering numerous opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Which industries are emerging in Uzbekistan and presenting startup opportunities?

Uzbekistan offers exciting startup opportunities in industries such as technology, agriculture, and tourism.

What kind of government support is available for startups in Uzbekistan?

The government of Uzbekistan provides various forms of support for startups, including incentives, funding opportunities, and initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

Can you provide some examples of successful startups in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has seen the rise of several successful startups, with notable achievements in their respective industries. These success stories serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What are the challenges and opportunities for startups in Uzbekistan?

Startups in Uzbekistan face challenges such as market entry barriers, the regulatory framework, and cultural considerations. However, there are also significant opportunities for startups to thrive in this dynamic market.

What can I expect from the startup landscape in Uzbekistan?

The startup landscape in Uzbekistan offers great potential for innovation and growth. With government support, success stories, and opportunities for entrepreneurs, Uzbekistan is an exciting destination for startups.

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