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As a journalist who covers the startup scene in Latin America, I’ve seen firsthand how Argentina has emerged as a top destination for entrepreneurs. With a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation and creativity, it’s no surprise that Argentina has produced some of the most exciting startups on the continent.

From fintech and e-commerce to agritech and beyond, Argentina’s startup scene is diverse and thriving. In this article, we’ll dive into the key industries driving the nation’s entrepreneurial success and introduce you to some of the most promising startups in the Argentine landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Argentina’s startup ecosystem is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors fueling innovation and economic growth.
  • The country’s key industries driving startup success include technology, e-commerce, fintech, and agritech, among others.
  • Argentina boasts a variety of funding options and support programs available for startups, including government initiatives, accelerators, and venture capital firms.
  • The Argentine entrepreneurial landscape faces challenges such as economic volatility, regulatory obstacles, and access to talent.
  • Despite these hurdles, the success stories from Argentina’s startup scene continue to inspire and showcase the nation’s potential for growth and innovation.

The Growing Startup Ecosystem in Argentina

As an entrepreneur and business journalist, I have been closely following the growth of the Argentina startup ecosystem and the rapid rise of Argentine entrepreneurship. The country has become a hub for innovation and economic growth, with a thriving startup scene attracting a growing number of entrepreneurs and investors.

The Argentina startup ecosystem is characterized by a dynamic and supportive environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. The government has implemented several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, including tax incentives, funding schemes, and startup events. In addition, the private sector has played a crucial role in the growth of the ecosystem, with a range of accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms supporting promising startups.

The Numbers Behind the Argentina Startup Ecosystem

The Argentina startup ecosystem has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with a rise in the number of startups, venture capital investments, and entrepreneurial events. Here are some statistics that demonstrate the scale of the ecosystem:

2017 2018 2019
Number of startups 754 912 1,137
Venture capital investment $264 million $326 million $708 million
Entrepreneurial events 150 200 250

These figures highlight the rapid growth of the Argentina startup ecosystem and its potential for continued expansion. The ecosystem has attracted a diverse range of startups, including those focused on technology, e-commerce, fintech, and agritech, among others.

The Argentine entrepreneurship scene is also characterized by a strong sense of community and collaboration. Entrepreneurs often collaborate with each other and with established businesses, creating a supportive network that fuels innovation and growth. This sense of community is further amplified by numerous co-working spaces and startup events that bring together like-minded individuals.

The Argentina startup ecosystem has come a long way in a short period of time, and the future looks bright for the nation’s entrepreneurial endeavors. As the ecosystem continues to mature and attract more talent and investment, we can expect to see even more exciting startups emerge and drive economic growth and innovation in Argentina.

Key Industries Driving Argentina’s Startup Success

Argentina’s startup success has been propelled by several industries, with technology leading the way. Argentine technology startups are making waves globally, with a growing number of unicorns emerging from the country. However, other sectors are also playing a vital role in shaping Argentina’s entrepreneurial landscape.


Argentina’s fertile land and long history of agriculture have led to the emergence of numerous agritech startups. These companies are using technology to improve farming techniques, reduce wastage, and enhance yields. Some of the top agritech startups in Argentina include S4, Satellogic, and Kilimo.


Argentine e-commerce startups have leveraged the country’s large and diverse consumer base to build successful businesses. The rise of online shopping and changing consumer habits have fueled the growth of these companies. Some of the top e-commerce startups in Argentina include MercadoLibre, Tienda Nube, and PedidosYa.


Argentina’s fintech industry has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to supportive government policies and a favorable regulatory environment. These startups are disrupting traditional financial services and driving financial inclusion. Some of the top fintech startups in Argentina include Ualá, Ripio, and Increase.

Creative Industries

The creative industries, including design, advertising, and media, have also played a role in Argentina’s startup success. Buenos Aires has a vibrant creative scene, attracting both local and international talent. Some of the top creative startups in Argentina include Workana, Crehana, and The Juju.


Argentina’s healthtech startups are using technology to improve healthcare outcomes and make medical services more accessible. These companies are developing innovative solutions in areas such as telemedicine, diagnostics, and patient management. Some of the top healthtech startups in Argentina include DoctorUna, Agilis, and Qranio.

In conclusion, Argentina’s startup success has been driven by a diverse range of industries, with technology at the forefront. Argentine technology startups are leading the charge, but other sectors such as agritech, e-commerce, fintech, creative industries, and healthtech are also making significant contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Top Argentine Startups to Watch

Argentina’s startup scene is quickly gaining traction, and there are a plethora of promising startups that are showing great potential for growth and success. Here are just a few of the top Argentine startups to keep an eye on:

1. Auth0

Auth0, a leading identity management platform, has quickly become one of the most successful startups in Argentina. The company has raised over $300 million in funding and has more than 8,000 customers worldwide, including major brands like Atlassian, Siemens, and AMD. Auth0’s success is a testament to Argentina’s vibrant tech community.

2. Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is Argentina’s answer to Amazon. The e-commerce giant has a market cap of over $100 billion and is one of the few Latin American companies to achieve unicorn status. Mercado Libre has grown rapidly in recent years, expanding beyond Argentina to other countries in the region, including Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

3. Satellogic

Satellogic is a satellite imaging company that is leading the way in the global space race. The company has launched several satellites and has plans to launch dozens more in the coming years. Satellogic’s technology is being used to monitor crops, map natural disasters, and track deforestation, among other things.

4. Wolox

Wolox is a software development company that helps businesses build custom software solutions. The company has worked with major brands like Google, Accenture, and Coca-Cola, and has offices in Argentina, the United States, and Europe. Wolox’s innovative approach to software development has helped it become one of Argentina’s leading startups.

These are just a few examples of the many promising startups in Argentina. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a growing ecosystem of support, there is no doubt that Argentina’s startup scene will continue to flourish in the years to come.

Funding and Support for Argentine Startups

As a startup founder in Argentina, securing funding can be a challenging process. However, there are several avenues available to entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

One of the primary options for startup funding in Argentina is through government initiatives. Entities such as the Ministry of Production and the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion offer various funding programs and grants to entrepreneurs in a range of industries.

Accelerators and incubators are also popular among Argentine startups. These programs provide mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage companies, with a focus on helping them develop their product or service offerings and refine their business models.

Venture capital firms are another potential source of funding for startups in Argentina. These firms provide capital to businesses in exchange for equity and often help connect startups with potential partners or customers in their networks.

Aside from funding, several support programs are available to Argentine startups. For example, the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (AIPT) assists entrepreneurs with expanding their businesses internationally, while the Ministry of Production’s “Entrepreneur’s Toolkit” offers resources and guidance on starting and growing a business.

Overall, while funding can be a hurdle for Argentine startups, there are several resources and programs available to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Table: Funding and Support Programs for Argentine Startups

Program Description
Ministry of Production Funding Programs Offers funding opportunities for entrepreneurs in a range of industries, including technology, agribusiness, and tourism
Accelerators and Incubators Provides mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage startups
Venture Capital Firms Provides capital to businesses in exchange for equity
Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (AIPT) Assists entrepreneurs with expanding their businesses internationally
Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Provides resources and guidance on starting and growing a business

“As an entrepreneur in Argentina, I’ve found the support programs and funding opportunities to be crucial in helping me turn my startup idea into a reality. While the process can be challenging, there are resources out there to help ambitious founders succeed.” – Juan Lopez, Founder of Tech Startup XYZ

Overcoming Challenges in Argentina’s Startup Landscape

Although Argentina’s startup ecosystem has been thriving in recent years, there are still challenges that entrepreneurs must navigate to achieve success. Some of the main obstacles facing Argentine startups include:

  • Economic Volatility: Argentina has experienced periods of economic instability, including high inflation rates and currency devaluation, which can impact the ability of startups to secure funding and grow their businesses.
  • Regulatory Obstacles: The regulatory environment in Argentina can be complex, with bureaucratic hurdles that can slow down business processes and increase costs.
  • Access to Talent: While Argentina has a highly educated workforce, there can be a shortage of specialized skills in certain areas, such as technology and engineering.

Despite these challenges, many entrepreneurs in Argentina have found ways to overcome obstacles and build successful startups. One strategy is to seek out support from government initiatives, accelerators, and venture capital firms. Another approach is to look for alternative sources of funding, such as crowdfunding and angel investors. By staying agile and adaptable, startups in Argentina can continue to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Success Stories from Argentina’s Startup Scene

In this section, I will share some inspiring success stories from Argentina’s startup scene, highlighting companies that have achieved unicorn status and made a significant impact in the global market.

Rappi: Revolutionizing Delivery Services

One of the standout success stories from Argentina’s startup scene is Rappi, a delivery service app that has become a household name in Latin America. Founded in 2015 by three Colombian entrepreneurs, the company quickly expanded to other countries, including Argentina, and has since secured over $1 billion in funding.

Today, Rappi is valued at over $3.5 billion and has become a one-stop-shop for a variety of services, from food delivery and grocery shopping to over-the-counter medication and even dog walking. With over 20 million registered users and 200,000 couriers, Rappi has revolutionized the way people in Latin America access goods and services.

MercadoLibre: Leading E-commerce in Latin America

MercadoLibre, often referred to as the “Amazon of Latin America,” is another Argentine startup success story. Founded in 1999 by Hernan Kazah and Marcos Galperin, the company launched as an online marketplace for buying and selling goods and services.

Today, MercadoLibre is valued at around $80 billion and has expanded to offer a range of services, including e-commerce, online payments, and even real estate. With a presence in over 18 countries, the company has become the go-to platform for online shopping in Latin America, with over 320 million registered users.

Globant: Driving Digital Transformation

Globant is a technology services company that specializes in digital transformation and was founded in Buenos Aires in 2003. The company has since expanded to over 16 countries, with a team of over 16,000 employees.

Globant provides services in a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail. Its innovative approach to digital transformation has earned the company recognition from Forbes and other publications, and it has worked with leading brands such as Google, Uber, and EA Sports.

Despegar: Transforming the Travel Industry

Despegar is a travel booking platform that was founded in Argentina in 1999. The company has since expanded to other countries in Latin America and the United States and has become one of the largest travel agencies in the region.

Despegar offers a range of services, from flight and hotel bookings to car rentals and even travel insurance. The company has continued to innovate and expand, with a recent partnership with Google to offer flight and hotel bookings directly through Google’s search engine.

Quasar Ventures: Investing in Future Success

Quasar Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Buenos Aires that invests in early-stage tech startups. The firm has a portfolio of over 60 companies, including some of Argentina’s most successful startups such as Auth0 and Etermax.

Quasar Ventures has played a key role in supporting Argentina’s startup ecosystem, providing funding and mentorship to emerging entrepreneurs. The firm’s focus on backing innovative and disruptive technologies has helped drive Argentina’s startup success.

These are just a few examples of the many successful startups that have emerged from Argentina’s thriving entrepreneurial landscape. Through their innovation and hard work, these companies have not only made a significant impact in their respective industries but have also put Argentina on the map as a hotbed of startup talent and potential.


In conclusion, the Argentine startup scene is a vibrant and dynamic landscape that is rapidly evolving and growing. From technology to e-commerce, fintech to agritech, the country’s entrepreneurs are leveraging their talents and resources to drive innovation and create value.

As I have explored in this article, the startup ecosystem in Argentina is supported by an increasing number of investors, accelerators, and government initiatives that provide funding and support to promising young ventures. However, there are also challenges that startups face, such as economic instability, regulatory hurdles, and a shortage of skilled talent.

Overall, the Argentine entrepreneurship scene is characterized by resilience, creativity, and a strong sense of community among its members. As the country continues to embrace innovation and build on its strengths, it has the potential to become a leading hub for startups in Latin America and beyond.

Whether you are an investor looking for promising ventures, an entrepreneur seeking inspiration and support, or simply someone interested in the exciting world of startups, Argentina is a country that should definitely be on your radar.


What is the current state of the startup ecosystem in Argentina?

Argentina’s startup ecosystem is rapidly growing, with an increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors fueling innovation and economic growth.

Which industries are driving Argentina’s startup success?

Key industries driving Argentina’s startup success include technology, e-commerce, fintech, and agritech, among others.

Can you provide some examples of promising startups in Argentina?

Absolutely! Some of the top Argentine startups to watch include companies in industries such as technology, healthcare, and renewable energy.

What funding options and support programs are available for Argentine startups?

Argentine startups have access to various funding options and support programs, including government initiatives, accelerators, and venture capital firms.

What challenges do startups in Argentina face?

Startups in Argentina face challenges such as economic volatility, regulatory obstacles, and access to talent. However, entrepreneurs are finding ways to navigate these hurdles.

Can you share some success stories from Argentina’s startup scene?

Certainly! Argentina has produced several successful startups, including companies that have achieved unicorn status and made a significant impact in the global market.

What are the key takeaways from Argentina’s startup scene?

The thriving startup scene in Argentina highlights the nation’s potential for continued growth and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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